Enhance your  Pregnancy


For You…

Pregnancy Massage

Most of our people work throughout pregnancy or at least keep a very busy lifestyle. We know you are coming in for relief from things like  pregnancy carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, lack of sleep, headaches, anxiety, low back pain, tight shoulders, sore feet, edema, and a myriad of other symptoms that massage can help! We provide the care and attention used in a traditional massage, but with safety focused modifications that ensure pregnant person and baby are kept comfortable and relaxed. Organic, often wildcrafted pregnancy safe aromatherapy and carrier oils used here.

$145 / 60 Minutes
$175 / 90 Minutes

Pregnancy Self Hypnosis

You’re not just growing a baby, you’re transforming physically, mentally and emotionally as well. In an environment of non judgement where you can be listened to and process your emotions and receive emotional support, we will explore self compassion, accessing inner resources, and excellent ways to stay open and in flow. Meditation, visualization and self hypnosis are utilized in this “Tend and Befriend: IN Visioning Your Pregnancy Self Hypnosis” one hour session tailored specifically to your needs.

$200 / 75 Minutes

Postpartum Bodywork

It’s very wise to anticipate your postpartum care, and many agree that massage therapy is integral to a wholistic postpartum care plan in addition to nutrition, physical therapy, and of course, rest. Postpartum bodywork includes, bellybinding, sobadas, steams, massage, craniosacral therapy and birth trauma remediation.

Unfortunately, for some postpartum care is only an afterthought or sought  in emergencies. However it is wise to think ahead of what support might be nutritive to you and your new family and plan for it. Once it is provided for you can rest easy that there will be support in the weeks and months after the baby is born without any additional financial stress to you.

$450 / 3 Sessions of 90 Minutes

Single Postpartum Session

Sink into the sanctuary of the postpartum period with this supremely relaxing and nutritive massage. Organic baby and breastfeeding safe oils.  Any combination of massage modalities offered in a custom manner during each restful and rejuvenating session. Fill your cup so you can continue to give love and care to your family.

Work is focused on healing the body after birth by reducing stress, tending to knots and aches, and easing tension inside and out.

$145 / 60 Minutes
$175 / 90 Minutes

Economic Stimulus Plans

These are special offers perfect for someone who can commit to two or more one hour massages within 30 days of each other. You or your loved one can enjoy at least one (but may use more quickly) 60 minute massage a month. Massages must be used within 90 days of the first redemption to qualify for this deal. Our most popular gift item!

$210 / 2 Sessions of 60 Minutes
$350/ 3 Sessions of 60 Minutes
$460 / 4 Sessions of 60 Minutes
$730/ 6 Sessions of 60 Minutes

For Baby…


Infant Massage Communication

Your baby’s first class! Touch is the first language. What better way to meet your baby where they are and support them in acclimating within your family and life on earth. You will learn things like how to read baby’s cues, when to give touch, when to pause and take a break from interaction, what overstimulation looks like, how to help colic, how to help digestion and sleep, and games involving imagination and healthy touch during toddler time on into childhood. Classes can be taken in preparation for baby at any time during pregnancy or with baby as soon as one month after birth. Caregivers, partners and family members are welcome to attend. All classes are private just for your family. Curriculum from A Foundation for Healthy Family Living.

$150 / 65 Minutes (Online or In-Person)



Massage for Other Adults

Going Ga-Ga supports the entire family and enjoys massaging relatives recommended to them by YOU! Send us your spouses and parents! We will give them a great massage.

$145 / 60 Minutes
$175 / 90 Minutes



Massage for  Children & Teens

A massage designed to the needs of children & teens – safe, comfortable, and feels just great! Massage for kids and teens can have positive effects for anxiety, depression, ADHD, autism, post traumatic stress, and many other disorders.

$90 (Children ages 6-10) / 30 Minutes
$120 (Kids and Teens) / 45 Minutes
$135 (Older Teens) / 60 Minutes

Sacred Self Care

Flower Essence Remedy Consultation
and Remedy Bottle

Flower essences are liquid extracts used to address profound issues of emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health. Flower essences are dilute, potentized herbal infusions or decoctions, prepared from wildflowers or pristine garden blossoms. They are extremely gentle and safe for children as well as during pregnancy.

$250 / 75 Minute Consultation (Includes a 30 Day Custom Remedy)

Essential Oil Anointing with Sound Table/Reiki/Crystal Bowls

This is a special opportunity to receive a multi faceted treatment experience that includes guided meditation, curated essential oils, especially selected flower essences, regional and exotic carrier oils – all organic and when possible wild crafted, sound table, crystal bowls, reiki, bodywork and directed intention for upliftment, and well being.

$175 / 90 Minute Session

Back Massage/Reiki

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. It has been effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect.

$180 / 60 Minute Session

Theta Healing and Reiki

A meditation technique for improvement and evolvement of mind, body and spirit. Gain clarity and inspiration spending 30-40 minutes in Theta, then integrate downloads and new beliefs while receiving Reiki for the balance of your session.

$175 / 90 Minute Session

Infant Massage Communication Class

Touch is the First Language. 

Infant massage goes a giant step beyond cuddling, providing a fun way to offer an emotional and physical link between parent and infant. It provides a way to communicate and convey affection and a sense of security. It can provide the infant relief from daily stress or discomfort from constipation, gas or teething.

Packages & Bundles


Power Pack:

20% Off

A $525 Value, priced at $450! / 3 Sessions of 90 Minute Postpartum Bodywork. Work is focused on healing the body after birth by reducing stress, tending to knots and aches, and easing tension inside and out. Get the Power Pack!

Economic Stimulus Packages

These are special offers perfect for someone who can commit to two or more one hour massages within 30 days of each other. You or your loved one can enjoy at least one (but may use more quickly) 60 minute massage a month. Our most popular gift item! 2, 3, 4 and 6 Session packages are available. Get your Package today!


What They Say

“Brenda has the ability to match her massage to the needs of your body. Each massage will vary (if you wish). Her intuition and perception tell her what needs work (even if you don’t!). It never fails that she goes right to the sore spot. She has helped me with sore muscles, sinus problems, headaches and overall tension. I recommend her highly.” – Amy Klein-Ellis
“We hired Brenda to attend several meetings of our mom’s group in North County and provide expert infant massage instruction to our group. We laughed and learned so much. Everyone reported benefits from learning Infant Massage Communication. Now my daughter is 11 months and I cherish the memories and bond created between us during morning infant massage. We also learned how to massage the growing child; I anticipate continuing this beautiful ritual many years to come.” – Meghan Badong.
“Brenda is an amazing spiritual healer and massage therapist. After having a massage from her my mind, body and spirit feel refreshed. From aromatherapy to vibration with sound healing she covers all the bases! I actually saw her days before conception! I highly recommend her for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post natal massage.” – Ahlea Khadro
“Brenda is a true healer. She is unabashedly loving, dynamic, and highly skilled in her work. I saw her in the final months of my pregnancy and I always felt safe, cared for and that I was receiving the best pre-natal massage possible. 
She is mindful to know what you need in the moment and uses hydrosols, flower essences, sound and high quality oils and products in her sessions. A good massage therapist is intuitive, anatomically trained, sensitive and present. Brenda is all of these things and more. She is a special human being!” – Stacie Bressler

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