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Brenda Goodell

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Pregnancy, Postpartum & Infant Massage

Growing a human is a labor of love that can come with aches and pains throughout the body. Massage during pregnancy and postpartum is a vital way to care for all the changes that come with creating life.

 Located in Bankers Hill, San Diego- Going Ga-Ga creates a space where pregnant people, and those in the postpartum period, can be seen, heard, and cared for on an individual basis.  A level of care that promotes physical relief and emotional ease- by improving circulation, helping to regulate hormones, and enhancing overall wellbeing.

 Want to pamper up your pregnant person? Give the gift of Going Ga-Ga, with a certificate for an individual session, massage package, or infant massage classes- even if you are across the country from your San Diego based loved one.

Pregnancy Massage Therapy
Postpartum Massage Therapy
Infant Massage Communication
Flower Essence Remedies
Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health
Spinning Babies® Aware Practitioner
Certified Infant Massage Communication Instructor
Floracopeia Advanced Aromatherapy Certification


  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Pregnancy Self Hypnosis
  • Postpartum Bodywork
  • Single Postpartum Session
  • Infant Massage Communication
  • Massage for Other Adults
  • Massage for Children & Teens
  • Flower Essence Remedy Consultation & Remedy Bottle
  • Essential Oil Anointing with Sound Table/Reiki/Crystal Bowls
  • Back Massage/Reiki
  • Theta Healing and Reiki


What They Say

“Brenda has the ability to match her massage to the needs of your body. Each massage will vary (if you wish). Her intuition and perception tell her what needs work (even if you don’t!). It never fails that she goes right to the sore spot. She has helped me with sore muscles, sinus problems, headaches and overall tension. I recommend her highly.” – Amy Klein-Ellis
“We hired Brenda to attend several meetings of our mom’s group in North County and provide expert infant massage instruction to our group. We laughed and learned so much. Everyone reported benefits from learning Infant Massage Communication. Now my daughter is 11 months and I cherish the memories and bond created between us during morning infant massage. We also learned how to massage the growing child; I anticipate continuing this beautiful ritual many years to come.” – Meghan Badong.
“Brenda is an amazing spiritual healer and massage therapist. After having a massage from her my mind, body and spirit feel refreshed. From aromatherapy to vibration with sound healing she covers all the bases! I actually saw her days before conception! I highly recommend her for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post natal massage.” – Ahlea Khadro
“Brenda is a true healer. She is unabashedly loving, dynamic, and highly skilled in her work. I saw her in the final months of my pregnancy and I always felt safe, cared for and that I was receiving the best pre-natal massage possible. 
She is mindful to know what you need in the moment and uses hydrosols, flower essences, sound and high quality oils and products in her sessions. A good massage therapist is intuitive, anatomically trained, sensitive and present. Brenda is all of these things and more. She is a special human being!” – Stacie Bressler

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